Garden inspiration

I love growing plants . I have trees, flowers, vegetable garden and many pot plants needing everyday care . When you l o v e something it’s not hard .You enjoy everything around it . I get a lot of inspiration and wish to put them on canvas or paper . Make some drawing, paintings, still life compositions . Stragling with the branches, flowers and trying to give soul and love to the choosen objects .

  •   here are cherry tomatoes inspired from my vegetable garden in an aquarelle painting 20 x 50 cm

Copy Old Masters

Through copying paintings I admire, I develop a bank of knowledge about color and techniques that I can draw upon when creating my own paintings. In fact, The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam has started a program, #Startdrawing, to get people to start copying paintings by drawing them as they move through the galleries because, as they say on their website, “you see more when you draw” and “you begin to see things you never noticed before.” But you don’t have to live in the Netherlands to try this approach. Bring your own sketchbook to a museum near you and draw the paintings you like. They have something to teach you!

Still life painting objects

Arranging the objects in a still life painting can be as challenging—and enjoyable—as painting the subject matter. Over the years I’ve collected many artifacts and I enjoy painting them all. But, in truth, a simple setup is just as interesting to paint as a more complicated piece with beautiful objects. That’s because an artist isn’t painting the objects, but is painting how the light, shadow and transitions create a pleasing image. I am trying to find the right balance between almost empty and overloaded. It’s also important to create harmonies and an interesting rhythm—put objects together that work well together.

part of my colection of old porcelain plates, potary and glasseware

Meet my KFPS Royal Friesian Xanisa Noble

The Koninklijke Vereniging “Het Friesch Paarden-Stamboek” (KFPS) is the oldest studbook in the Netherlands and promotes the interests of the Friesian horse in the broadest sense of the word. Horses’ lush mane and feathering, their shiny coat and the large black eyes add to their one-of-a-kind appearance. Reliable, eager to learn and gentle. The Friesians are very loyal to their owners and will follow them through scary situations based on their trust alone. And they can be used for many different disciplines thanks to their high intelligence and their sensitive nature: Whether it’s dressage, circus riding or advanced dressage – there is no other horse breed that presents itself in such a majestic way in many different disciplines. Friesian horses are also referred to as “black pearls” .

Black pearls