Garden inspiration

I love growing plants . I have trees, flowers, vegetable garden and many pot plants needing everyday care . When you l o v e something it’s not hard .You enjoy everything around it . I get a lot of inspiration and wish to put them on canvas or paper . Make some drawing, paintings, still life compositions . Stragling with the branches, flowers and trying to give soul and love to the choosen objects .

  •   here are cherry tomatoes inspired from my vegetable garden in an aquarelle painting 20 x 50 cm

Copy Old Masters

Through copying paintings I admire, I develop a bank of knowledge about color and techniques that I can draw upon when creating my own paintings. In fact, The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam has started a program, #Startdrawing, to get people to start copying paintings by drawing them as they move through the galleries because, as they say on their website, “you see more when you draw” and “you begin to see things you never noticed before.” But you don’t have to live in the Netherlands to try this approach. Bring your own sketchbook to a museum near you and draw the paintings you like. They have something to teach you!